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Costas has spent most of his life immersed in a world of wine appreciation.   Born in Cyprus, he absorbed the wisdom of the Mediterranean culture, where wine is considered a healthful gift from nature.  Costas was born with a fascination for how wine is made and develops and how it brings people together.

Today, he keeps the same attitude: "Learning about wine” is an ongoing process.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hold the Citrus please!

MOMO Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Marlborough New Zealand

If you are tired of what became the ‘typical’ style for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc then it’s time for you to taste the MOMO.

This light colored Sauvignon Blanc from Wairau Valley starts out with aromas of stone fruit, followed by floral and mineral hints.

On the palate is clean and round followed by flavors of tropical fruit and a hint of grapefruit. Nice long grassy, herbal finish

A great refreshing glass of wine!

Costas Mouzouras
Wine Director

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