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Wine has always been a part of Costas Mouzouras’s life.  From early childhood in Cyprus, pruning, harvesting and stomping grapes in the family vineyard, to making homemade grappa, Costas was born with a fascination for how wine is made and develops, and how it brings people together.  
Today, Costas is the Wine Director of Gotham Wines a Manhattan wine store.  He frequently lectures on wine to industry professionals and amateurs, presenting real, down-to-earth, straightforward descriptions of wine and how it is one of life’s wonderful indulgences.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

One thing led to another!

It all started with the left over zucchini Carpaccio with mint and lemon vinaigrette. I decide to pair that with an arugula salad (I make my own dressing) and chicken piccata. I use wine in my piccata sauce which it let me to open a long over due chardonnay sample that I had sitting at home.

The Jean de Rose Chardonnay 2008, imported by Gabriella Imports and soon to be available at Gotham, was a superb pairing. The notes of butter and the rich balanced palate made this wine a perfect pairing with my meal!

What a wonderful dinner!!!

Costas Mouzouras
Wine Director
Gotham Wines

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